Defining your future takes insight, focus and courage.

Achieving it takes strategy and determination.

In today’s world, growth is essential. We live in a world of competition, of communication, of the “next big thing”, and businesses, nonprofits, and organizations are expected to not only keep up, but to innovate, pivot, and lead.

It’s not rocket science.

It’s strategy.

NuFocus, with proven expertise in strategy, marketing, and business growth is dedicated to providing results through our proven process. Our mastery of this process helps you ignite your potential.

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Our Process


Discovery is one of the most critical element of strategy development and frequently the most overlooked. We take great pride in our ability to help you understand your business from a whole new perspective.

We ask. We listen. We probe. We challenge. We share. We essentially peel back the layers, seeking more clarity and together we are able to discover your real opportunities.

Strategic Direction

A tailored and targeted path tied to your specific needs is developed. This is done by creating goals and strategies and deciding on actions that you believe will drive real improvement and change in your organization. Make no mistake; you remain in the driver’s seat every step of the way.

Implementation Plan

The roadmap of your resources and those needed to be brought in to execute on your strategic plan. You will be supported and equipped with timelines, action items, and access to the combined expertise of our partners and affiliated experts. We also tap deeply into your organization, with a true hands-on team approach because we understand that your people know your business best.

Execution Support

For many organisations execution is often the greatest challenge and you can count on us from beginning to end, working with your people to support implementation and keep a keen eye on results and your business success.

Strategic direction brings
clarity, focus, purpose, confidence and freedom.

Not your everyday consultancy firm, we understand the goals and the pains of our client base and know what it takes to succeed.


Start with where you are.
Growth takes clarity,
focus, and passion.
Are you ready?
Helping you map your future.