NuFocus Strategic Group is a team of consultants who are passionate about what they do; people who are convinced there is a better way to help businesses and organizations – and their leaders – grow and succeed.

Whether you’re looking to start down a new road or simply to change direction, first you need a roadmap.

Unlike solo or single practice consultants, we offer a comprehensive approach to solving organizational problems by providing expert assistance in a wide range of fields. We are a learning community, always investing in our skills and tapping into each other’s strengths.

NuFocus Strategic Group’s goal is to help you be successful, whatever that may look like for you. We listen carefully to understand your organization, its challenges and your goals. Together, we identify solutions and strategies to address your most pressing pains and to leverage your opportunities for growth and success.

Goals are the destination, but the adventure is in the execution.

We can tap into the knowledge and experience of our consulting partners to help you – they are people who share our passion and convictions about making businesses grow. With your involvement and support, we are able to work closely as true partners in growth.

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