Camille Derelle | Associate Partner

An adventurer, globe trotter, and professional tourist from an early age, Camille understands the value of authentic experience in tourism. Camille is always looking to push the envelope and think outside the box, always looking forward ten, fifteen years into the future, building for what will come by closely studying trends and analyzing target markets. 

A lifelong traveller, Camille has experienced myriad cultures including ours here in Canada and when it came time to decide on her future she found Canada was calling her back to stay. Originally from France and having gained her post-secondary education in Quebec, Camille has lived and seen the best of the best, and now is looking to expand that experience here in New Brunswick. 

Working with government and small businesses, her goal is not just to attract new visitors to New Brunswick, but to set New Brunswick and the Maritimes firmly on the global stage. 


  • Tourism Development
  • Strategic Insight
  • Tourism Trend Analysis
  • Research and Studies

Connect with Camille

Mobile: (506) 850-6427