Janice Goguen | Associate Partner

Janice knows that without knowledge there is no chance for growth, and without managed risk, there is no chance for success. She has spent her career doing the impossible, with her greatest reward being the constant challenge to learn and see real results.

As an expansion strategist with a focus on sustainable growth, Janice brings a strong personal commitment to expanding the markets, the clients, and projects she takes on – knowing that her leadership abilities and her ability to see and direct the bigger picture goals can give clients valuable perspective. Her vast experience in the federal government gives her a unique ability to navigate government infrastructure and leverage financial support.

  • Identify global market entry strategies for small and medium-sized businesses and non-profits
  • Develop strategies for companies to tap into international growth
  • Initiate studies into potential product and sector exports
  • Spearhead commercial trade initiatives into the US, Europe and India markets

Connect with Janice

Email: j.goguen@nufocusgroup.com
Tel: (506) 860-6010 x340
Mobile: (506) 962-4984

Insight from Janice

She has the courage to try things that have never been done before and make them work.

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