Jeff MacArthur | Associate Partner

Jeff MacArthur understands the stormy voyage successful entrepreneurs must navigate and what is needed to reach the port of success.

If you need an experienced and trusted hand to help your company when it encounters periods of rough seas, Jeff, with 35 years of banking and finance experience, is your go-to person.

Jeff works with small to medium-sized businesses at all stages of their development. He can find ways to maximize cash flow and arrange properly structured credit facilities to ensure your company has the financial capacity to succeed.

Jeff also knows that there is a world of opportunities beyond Canada’s borders.  He brings 20 years of in-depth experience in the exporting field along with a network of contacts to help your company realize the profit potential of exporting.

Jeff can help you go, grow and succeed.  He can:

  • guide your business through the financial world as you embark on its growth journey.
  • address cash flow issues, source capital, implement profit-building strategies.
  • plan and implement business growth or restructuring plans.
  • develop and implement an export plan.
  • connect you to the people and organizations you need to know.

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Mobile: (506) 377-2684

New Brunswick is an export driven province. I can guide you to international markets.

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