John MacInnis | Associate Partner

John is a combination of adventurer and poet, tech wizard and scholar. His approach is direct and his solutions are creative and, above all, successful. His goal when working with clients, no matter the size or complexity of the organization, is to make things happen. John is an executor, an implementor. His goal is to take clients from stagnation and chaos to clarity and order.

Having worked with clients of every size and structure, John noticed common threads that often lead to the same points of frustration and failure. He dedicated time to mastering methodologies that he uses with his clients to work through their systems, their policies, and implements just enough procedure to be effective and efficient.

  • IT Consulting, Execution, Delivery
  • Project Management
  • Strategy Execution
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Mobile: (902) 489-5656
Tel: (506) 860-6010 ext. 360

Critical thinking is essential for the evolution of every business.

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