Myriane Ouellette | Associate Partner

Myriane is well positioned to understand the trials and tribulations that organizations face in a continuously changing environment. Myriane’s passion for her community and in Francophone affairs have developed into a love of helping both not-for-profit and small to medium enterprise. A look-before-you-leap kind of consultant, she delves deeply into organizations, understanding what makes them worthwhile, then sets her sights on making them even better.

Having worked in both the public sector and the world of not-for-profit organizations, Myriane has a unique perspective in helping her clients understand what various levels of government are looking for when deciding their goals and strategic orientation. Her creativity, focus on innovation to cure stagnation, and dedication to implementation of strategic plans make her a valuable asset to her clients and the NuFocus team.  

  • Human Resources & Succession Planning
  • Strategic Diagnostics, Planning & Implementation
  • Government & NFP Research & Consultation



Connect with Myriane

Tel: (506) 860-6010
Mobile: (506) 380-0997

Insight from Myriane

Exit strategy / Succession Plan: Why your company needs one

Exit strategy / Succession Plan: Why your company needs one

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