All organizations begin with people working towards a goal. No matter if your organization is comprised of two people in a grassroots not-for-profit or 250 employee business, many of the same pains and challenges will arise.

It’s how they are solved that makes the difference.

What got you HERE won’t get you THERE.


We are seeking to work with clients who embody the entrepreneurial spirit, from small businesses to the corporate world. We have proven experience in industries all over the map: from manufacturing to tourism, from agriculture to professional services.


Our consultants draw on a depth of expertise and experience to help drive, shape, and deliver results for professional associations, universities, and other organizations looking to create change in the world. From communications to strategy, we understand the particular challenges faced by the NGO world and have solutions tailored to suit those needs.


From transformational fundraising to operations, HR to communications, we understand the unique needs of Not for Profit organizations, and will work closely with you to bring your operations to the next level. We have worked extensively with NFPs of every size and are able to bring that experience to bear for clients in every stage of organizational growth.


Working in government at the municipal, provincial, or federal level brings with it an entirely unique set of challenges and pressures. With years of governmental experience behind us, we understand how government operates, and are able to successfully navigate within that environment.

Insight from Our Team

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