Marc Grandmaison

Marc Grandmaison



(506) 850-3626

If you need an expert in seeing the forest for the trees, you’ve found your man. Marc’s ability to simplify challenges, prioritize, and see problems from a clear perspective allows his clients to move from stagnation to growth. Marc can create a clear brand positioning and corporate messaging that clearly drives the value proposition to the market. He clarifies competitive advantages in a manner that is relevant to the consumer.

Marc understands consultancy from both sides, having used consultants himself while in the corporate and advertising worlds. He has learned to trust his gut feeling, his instincts, and his depth of experience in strategic planning. He brings this wealth of experience to bear for his clients, knowing that even the most brilliant ideas will falter without solid systems in place.

  • Brand value proposition strategy and marketing plans
  • Marketing new and current products and brands
  • Creating effective and imaginative advertising campaigns
  • Conducting detailed project management
  • Managing intellectual property
  • Certifying products with safety standards organizations
Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. And do the work. The rest will come.