Pierre LaPlante

Pierre LaPlante


(506) 852-0371

Pierre sees business strategy as the unique roadmap organizations need to achieve success. Through NuFocus’ unique discovery process he helps organizations to see their business in a whole new light: looking at their clients, their market, their product, their capabilities, etc. Using these insights, Pierre helps clients chart the course that will take them to the next level.

What sets Pierre apart is his ability to translate the strategy into an executable plan with deadlines, accountability, and the organizational assets required to get things done. During the strategy phase, he is mindful of the tactical requirements that are coming next, allowing both phases to be synergistic, realistic, and attainable. Pierre can take multi-faceted situations and see them in the pattern of new, workable systems. A strong facilitator, he takes the time to fully understand where his clients are currently, and where they see themselves in the short- and long-term. He brings in just the right amount of the right processes, helping his clients avoid the pitfall of becoming enslaved by their own systems.

Even the very best strategy, planning, and execution will not lead to success in the absence of effective leadership. Pierre’s coaching helps leaders and leadership teams to find their style, their way, and become the drive to effect positive change in their organization.

  • Developing effective strategies
  • Developing planning and execution approaches that deliver results
  • Organizational innovation: “Leveraging an organization’s full innovation potential”
  • Leadership coaching
  • Engagement strategy
  • Group facilitation & workshop design
Get things done. Get the right things done. Get things done right.