Richard Thériault

Richard Thériault



(506) 874-6286

One of the founding members of NuFocus Strategic, Richard is dedicated to meeting clients where they are – from start-ups to stable corporations, and bringing them beyond the next level. Richard has seen the business world from all sides, as an entrepreneur, a consultant, a banker, and he brings a wealth of unique experience and expertise to the table.

As a financier, Richard helps businesses navigate the financial world, while guiding them through their next stages of growth. In particular, his considerable experience in capital sourcing, financial planning and cash flow and profit building has helped small and medium-size businesses achieve new stages of success.

  • Business plans, execution strategies and financial management
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial planning, capital readiness and capital sourcing
  • Cash flow and profit building
  • Government relations and economic liaison
  • Governance and Coaching
“Richard can make sense of a complex situation at 5000 feet, in a fraction of a second.”