Damien Witkowski

Damien Witkowski

Associate Partner

(506) 874-5602

Damien excels at finding improvement factors applicable to any business. Nevertheless, his greatest talent is his ability to design practical strategies, real personal solutions to complex, uncertain and evolving situations.

His long experience in implementing and designing planning, mainly in the field of change, gives him great skills in leadership, management and innovation. If he knows how to take a step back to better analyze a situation, Damien's greatest strength is his ability to zoom out to no longer be in the simple reaction, but rather in the projection with the big picture. Knowing how to judge the effects in the medium term is a capability that he brings to customers when designing strategy.

In addition to listening, Damien is driven by a great desire to transmit his knowledge. For the customer, this is a great support.

Multidisciplinary, Damien offers a range of services, the main ones being:

  • Design, planning and implementation of results-based strategies,
  • Change management,
  • Improvement of the organization, processes,
  • Cooperation, coordination in the implementation of projects, and
  • Monitoring of activities, the health of the company.
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