Jacques Picard

Jacques Picard

Associate Partner

(506) 380-9366

Jacques brings a wealth of experience to the table. Throughout his more than 30-year career in management, operations, manufacturing, and human resource he was able to build and maintain quality business relationships of all types.

Jacques is a born leader who has spent his career collaborating with people at all levels of the organizations where he worked, as well as finding ways to better serve customers.

A highly personable individual, Jacques also ran his own company where, his professional experience in management has given him the opportunity to experience and face a multitude of challenges at various levels. He also ran the day-to-day operations and employees and customer relations. His aim has always been to create a positive work environment while taking proactive action to increase business profitability and ensure continued growth and success.

With his vast experience, Jacques will quickly help your team identify areas of improvement and put into place the processes and procedures your company needs to improve efficiency and increase profitability.


  • Business Operation Improvement
  • Production Improvement (Lean Manufacturing / 5S).
  • Innovation / Project Management
  • Conception and fabrication of special project, like custom production line or new products